Saturday, October 5, 2013

Laws? What Laws? say’s Scott Walker, Wisconsin Law Breaker.

BREAKING: It appears Walker's defiance may be nothing more than an ego boosting facade. I'm sticking with the story below because the general idea pushed by Walker is still the same, "law breaking." Add to that now, Walker's public deception:
TPM: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) this week directed a state agency to resist a federal order to close certain parks during the federal government shutdown, prompting headlines from some conservative media outlets. But the National Parks Service now says no such order was given. Or not exactly, anyway. 

A spokesperson for the National Park Service sent an email to TPM, saying the agency believes there may have been a "misunderstanding by [the Department of Natural Resources] about the contents of the letter that have resulted in some of the stories that claim they were ordered to close." There was no directive from the National Park Service to cease operations; we merely informed them that the payments through their cooperative agreement would cease for the period of the shutdown. It was left to the discretion of the DNR how to best deal with the curtailed funding."
Scott Walker has an odd way to appear presidential; break federal law.

What a hero?

In his bid to gain tea party credibility, defying big government is a campaign no-brainer.

Republicans are notorious for ignoring laws they don’t like. Gun laws didn't matter for years. But environmental laws, hunting and fishing laws, specifically targeted local laws…all laws they don’t like are laws ripe for breaking. By lawmakers our kids will see as role models in the years to come.  

So it should come as no surprise that Governor Scott Walker chose to defy federal law. Oh, he’s come up with an excuse or two, but that’s what Republicans do. He’s rationalized a way to break the law.
Fox News: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is defying a directive from the National Park Service to close down several state parks that receive federal funding in the wake of the partial government shutdown. The department recently intervened after the Fish and Wildlife Service placed barricades near a Mississippi River boat launch because it was on federal land. 
Walker’s DNR Secretary is also filled with respect for the federal government, but…
"We respect the magnitude of the process the federal government has had to undertake to close its properties and certain activities on properties they own and manage," Cathy Stepp, secretary of the D NR, told agency employees in an email obtained by The Hill. "However, after close review and legal consult, [the Department of Natural Resources] has clarified areas where the federal procedures are over-reaching

State officials also said Wisconsin will not fully follow a Fish and Wildlife Service directive that hunting and fishing be prohibited on federal lands during the partial shutdown, according to the report.
Our droopy eyed sociopathic governor calmly reassured voters, worried about the disintegration of a society dependent on the rule of law, that all is well with this "clarification:"
"Blame can go around for everybody," Walker, a GOP leader contemplating a presidential bid said.
Whew, he had me worried there for a second. 

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