Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forcing UW off WiscNet Internet service will cost taxpayers and students/parents $13 million more. Thank Rep. Robin Vos.

The UW Madison is about to have the last laugh, albeit at greater expense, over their new custom built internet system.

What lawmakers like Rep. Robin Vos didn't count on when they banned the UW from using a very inexpensive non-profit high speed internet provider, was the UW constructing its own network, forgoing the very costly "free market" system corporate lobbyists cried and whined about. Big internet monopolies were expecting the job to be handed to them on a silver platter. Here's what a very arrogant Rep. Vos said:
Speaker Vos Statement on UW Severing Ties with WiscNet: “The UW System is making the right decision regarding its relationship with WiscNet. A free market based system will be a win for students, taxpayers and private enterprise in Wisconsin. The legislature will work with the university to facilitate their transition.” 
The problem is, Republican legislators just cost taxpayers and parents/students who pay tuition, much more. It'll cost $13 million more over five years than if the UW had just stayed with WiscNet. Yeah, Republicans are always looking out for the taxpayers. Scratch that talking point:

WKOW News:

WSJ: WiscNet provided Internet services for the UW System’s 26 campuses, 75 percent of state public school districts and 90 percent of the public library systems for a fraction of the price of competitors.

The state-of-the-art new network is expected to cost approximately $33 million for creation, management and maintenance over the next five years, $13 million more than the projected cost of staying with WiscNet for the same period of time.

David Giroux, UW System spokesman, said “We have been doing business as a member of WiscNet for 23 years, that’s obviously not allowed anymore. ... There was no other vendor able to meet our needs.” 
It may also cost the state and local communities much more if Wiscnet collapses due customer loss:
By the end of the calendar year WiscNet will no longer employ UW staff. Public schools and libraries will decide if they want to remain with WiscNet.

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