Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Did you know, poor people are Fat!!! “Small Government” Nanny State Republican Food Police to tell Adults what they can Eat.

The Republican message is clear: Junk food eating poor people are fat, lazy and too stupid. They should buy expensive food that would burn through the limited dollar amount of food stamps they're given. 

So much for freedom, small government and the Republican argument against liberal nanny state laws.
They hate governmental bans on trans fats and large gulp soda drinks, but love policing food stamp recipient purchases?  
Food stamp recipients would have to spend most of their benefits on healthy food … requiring at least two-thirds of the purchases in the state's FoodShare program to come from a list of state-defined healthy foods, with Republicans arguing that the benefits outweighed the opposition of some business interests and advocates for the needy.
Republican nanny staters know better and know all. From WKOW: 

No one knows how much junk food is purchased, or that there is a problem. They're going by second hand accounts. In fact, all the horror stories they like to tell, like my conservative friend in Milwaukee, usually involve the poor buying steaks and shrimp.

This law is nothing but another dressing down of the poor, vilifying them and creating the image of fat food stamp freeloaders. And while Republicans should be focused on job creation, they’re plowing ahead with a law that is meaningless.
jsonline: The proposal would likely be rejected by the federal government, which pays for the great majority of the program's costs. The bill's lead sponsor, Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah), said state officials should push forward and hope for the final go-ahead from President Barack Obama's administration.
We’re giving taxpayer money to this fat bastard!!! Our taxpayer money is feeding this bloated hypocrite. Why should we be on the hook for his health care bill when this unhealthy specimen needs treatment? He is buying junk food with taxpayer money that you could argue, he hasn't earned. 


Peter said...

How is this different from the Soda Ban in New York, the Transfat bans, the ban on giving away Toys in Happy Meals in California and smoking bans.

All of these are Nanny State policies enacted by Democrats to infringe on Self-Sustaining Law-Abiding citizen.

This, the change to Food Share, is a policy to cut waste, fraud, and abuse of a government program. I actually argue that this change doesn't go far enough. I have far to often seen people pay with an EBT card for their food and then pull out a wad of cash to get their cigarettes. It's shameful how horribly administrated the Food Shares program has been administrated.

Democurmudgeon said...

Peter, I'm pointing out the hypocrisy. Clear and simple. As I mentioned, this is big government micro managing and just more paperwork with rules and regulations. I thought republicans hated big multi-page bills?

Michelle Obama received endless and brutal criticism for her healthy publically funded school lunch efforts, yet our state Republicans are now whining a publically funded Foodshare items? Democrats go after actual health issues that effect the entire nation. The minor problem of junk food is in the eye of the beholder. Junk food is cheap as I pointed out, and once you require more expensive "healthy" foods, a person food stamps are gone. People should have the freedom to eat what they want.

Yeah, you would go farther. Says a lot about you, so I didn't have to.