Friday, March 8, 2013

Personhood/Abortion Ban Bill Proposed by Knuckledragging men, Sen. Glenn Grothman and Rep. Andre Jacque!!!!

Republicans are now pushing a personhood bill. Democrats have no comment? Are you kidding me?
In the form of a referendum, even the most conservative states have shot down “personhood” bills for what they are, draconian and a backdoor ban on abortion.

Just as incredible, the party that stripped down and limited malpractice lawsuits are now okay with malpractice lawsuits...not to protect people, but to protect a fetus. 

This betrays their real reason for the bill. Not surprising, the bill’s sponsors are misogynistic backward men. From WKOW:

jsonline: Under current state law, dead children's families can file wrongful death claims but can't pursue such claims for the loss of fetuses during the early stages of pregnancy.

Bill co-sponsors Sen. Glenn Grothman of West Bend and Rep. AndrĂ© Jacque of De Pere say the new law would recognize fetuses as human beings and allow families to pursue wrongful death claims if someone's actions cause a fetus' death at any point … including medical malpractice.
Confused and dazed, Democrats are again unprepared and not sure how to respond to this outrageous and unconstitutional attempt to ban abortions. They didn't even attempt to take a few minutes say the obvious.
Democratic leaders in the Legislature did not immediately comment on the bill. Republican Gov. Scott Walker's spokesman had no immediate comment.
This bill flies in the face of the Catholic Church's position...oh yes, they have a different position now:
Slate: In a country as awash in bad faith and empty political posturing as ours, it's always fun to expose blatant hypocrisy. That's why the story of the St. Thomas More Hospital lawsuit is ripping through the Internet. It's a sad one, really: Lori Stodghill, seven months pregnant, was admitted to the hospital with a blocked artery that killed her and the two fetuses inside her. The plaintiff, her husband, Jeremy Stodghill, is claiming that because her doctor didn't answer his pages, the twins died unnecessarily and could have been rescued through an emergency C-section, even if Lori's life couldn't be saved. The hospital's defense, so far successful, is to claim that because the twins were fetuses and not people, this can't legally be viewed as a wrongful-death situation.

Of course, the problem is that the hospital is run by Catholic Health Initiatives—Catholic, as in that religion whose leadership routinely claims that not only are fetuses people, but so are embryos, zygotes, and fertilized eggs.


Anonymous said...

What is the end game of this?

Anonymous said...

Ah - it's BIZZARRO in WI!

Anonymous said...

Has Glenn ever had sex with a female? He is such a perverted little a..hole

drew hymer said...

Shouldn't doctors be held accountable for malpractice when they harm unborn children?

Democurmudgeon said...

Medical malpractice should be prosecuted, no matter what. But that's not the point of the bill. It's contrary to the GOP's push for tort reform, and it inserts a religious element into our system of law.

A person, or not a person. Only the GOP decides?

Junaid Walayat said...

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