Sunday, February 3, 2013

Typical Waukesha Republican speaks out, bypasses Media Filter!!!

It’s about time the much talked about silent Walker majority in the state started speaking out.
And according to the Waukesha Patch coverage here, this Waukesha spokesperson made a list:
A Waukesha man who was throwing appliances out a second-story window threatened to kill “everyone” with a machete … Gerald T. Kribs, 50, was yelling racial slurs and obscenities at the officers and a neighbor … he yelled about the federal government watching him, that he wanted to assassinate President Barack Obama and that he wanted to kill himself and others in government. 
He's conservative alright. What could have set him off, talk radio, Fox News...? These are our conservative next door neighbors now.
When they placed Kribs in the squad car, he was recorded making statements about:
Killing Iranians

Blowing up abortion clinics

Raping and eating children

Killing the president

A family member raping Kribs
Kribs was placed under a mental hold after it was determined by officers he was off his medication for about two weeks. 

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