Friday, January 18, 2013

Tyrannical Walker surrounded by Kids Signing Gun Carry Law at indoor Waterpark.

You never saw these headlines:

"Walker the Tyrant."

"Scott Walker using children like Hitler and Stalin, outrageous!!!" 

These were the kinds of criticisms Obama got when he proposed new gun regulations. But when Gov. Scott Walker signed into law regulations allowing concealed carry, not one conservative complained. No comparisons to Hitler. No power grabs...etc. Here's my blog post from way back in July 9, 2011:
Tyrant with Kids!!!!
Nothing safer for kids than a nicely concealed loaded gun in the possession of a total stranger at a family water park.

It was either an attempted "in your face" slap at Wisconsinites who are opposed to guns, or a total lapse of judgement to see Gov. Scott Walker sign the concealed carry law at a family water park/hotel. It was both. Walker really is out of his friggin' mind.

Even more jaw droppingly bizarre was the decision to flank Walker with kids. Kids? Walker even shook the hand of one of them. 
Keep in mind, the children in the photo with Walker did not write letters to Scotty begging for concealed carry, so their neighborhoods and school could be safer, like the kids surrounding Obama at his recent press conference. Guns and kids, nothing safer. And no screams of outrage doing this at an indoor water park. Here's Milwaukee's Fox 6 coverage:

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