Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sensenbrenner, Duffy and Petri stiff Dairy Farmers, but probably still want their vote.

Here’s an important observation that should be a really big issue in the next congressional race:
jsonline: Rep. Reid Ribble also noted that the bill includes an extension of the Milk Income Loss Contract dairy program.
Ribble is talking about his yes vote to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” Dairy farmers needed something, anything to avoid a steep, economy crushing jump in milk prices.

But who didn't come to the rescue of farmers? Here’s who voted, and how:
In addition to Ryan, Moore and Ribble, Democrats Ron Kind and Tammy Baldwin voted for the bill. Republicans Sean Duffy, Tom Petri and Jim Sensenbrenner voted against the measure.
Think about that when they ask for your vote, promising tax pledges, voodoo and magic. 

Not only that, but rural farmers also got what they wanted when it came to the estate tax. The estate tax exemption has been raised to $5 million, and indexed to inflation.  

Let the rural conservative voters know who in congress was looking out for them, and who took their vote and abandoned them for a farm crushing principle. 

As for the farm bill, here's Ezra Klein with a look at what could have happened if Sensenbrenner, Duffy and Petri got their way:

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