Monday, May 7, 2012

Walker Supporters now worried about Electronic Voting Machine Fraud? Can you say "projection?"

Brad Blog has made a career out of reporting the Republican march to control election results with hackable electronic voting machines and elaborate schemes to commit election fraud. Over and over, Republicans have laughed at the accusations, calling the very idea a conspiracy theory cooked up by Democrats.

Until now! They’re scared. Scott Walker’s job is on the line. They know how easy it is to hacked into voting machines, so they are now “projecting” their own behavior on the Democratic Party.

But even worse, activist conservative media reporters are ginning up Republican voters with the possibility their votes will be stolen by those same electronic voting machines, a fear already exploited by right wingers who claim the recall will cancel out their vote in 2010.  

The conservative leaning Wisconsin Reporter is trying to spearhead a movement to get talk radio hosts riled up enough to give legitimacy to their conspiracy theory:
In a powerful piece of investigative journalism, my Wisconsin Reporter colleague Kirsten Adshead pointed out the very real possibility that there’s a land mine in Wisconsin’s election future.

Adshead’s profile of computer software tester John Washburn revealed that the Government Accountability Board, Wisconsin’s election oversight agency, does not require municipalities to recertify their election machines when they update aging technology. That makes the state’s election system vulnerable to breakdown. With the state politically polarized, any election abnormality quickly could metastasize, producing legal challenges and counter-challenges like those that trashed the presidential election of 2000. GAB, of course, is distracted, having had to deal with two years of recall elections. But by failing to certify all voting machines in all municipalities, GAB is setting us up to lose. No election system is perfect. But until GAB can assure us that it can address Washburn’s concerns, the state’s voters will continue walking blithely toward the land mine.
Here's what Democrats have been yelling about for years, yet only received a snicker from the GOP:

It’s important to point out who wrote the election fraud article above:  
Kevin Binversie is a Wisconsin native who has been blogging on the state’s political culture for more than eight years. He has served in the George W. Bush administration from 2007-2009, worked at the Heritage Foundation... 

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