Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poor Conservative Cedarburg, WI, victims of their corporate “freedom.” Enjoy the smell in Asphalt hell.

For some reason, Republican voters are under the illusion that their own policies won’t come back to bite ‘em someday. Think again suckers. I can't tell you how happy this story makes me:
What's that smell? Jobs.
jsonline: Cedarburg residents are calling city hall to complain that odors from a proposed asphalt mixing plant in a Town of Cedarburg quarry could overwhelm people living nearby and push down their property values, city officials said Tuesday. City of Cedarburg Mayor Kip Kinzel said residents have been complaining about the prospect of odors from mixing asphalt...

Those callers also are expressing fears about declining property values in city subdivisions south and west of the quarry. "Who wants to live next to an asphalt plant?" Kinzel said. Ald. Christian Reimer also is concerned about declining quality of life resulting from the additional activities at the quarry, partic ularly making asphalt in such proximity to homes. "The smell from the asphalt plant alone could transform the City of Cedarburg from a place of Strawberry and Wine and Harvest festivals to stinky town," Reimer says in an email message.
Oh the irony!!! Enjoy your "stinky town" guys, the asphalt plant is a job creator, an employer. I hope residents aren’t suddenly against jobs.
The town Plan Commission and Town Board are poised Wednesday to approve a Pewaukee company's proposal to build an asphalt plant as well as facilities to crush asphalt and concrete and recycle asphalt shingles at a quarry west of Sheboygan Road that is entirely surrounded by the city. If the Town Board approves the permit, the Ready Earth Consulting company would hire a quarry operator. The company requested a speedy town review of its permit application.
Speedy reviews are so Scott Walker. 


  1. Poop in Oconomowoc and stink in Cedarburg. Serves them right. But I doubt they'll figure out it's their own damn fault for allowing it to happen. They'll just blame Obama for not cleaning it up fast enough.

  2. About time something like this was built In an area that has money.

  3. and yet if the asphalt plant is voted down, you and others will turn around and blame the loss of jobs on Walker. what stinks is this blog.

  4. @Jeffrey...according to Walker's new math, there are no job losses in Wisconsin! Everything is groovy. If you don't like the numbers, just crunch them in a different way...and if you don't like this blog, why on earth are you reading it?

  5. People Please wise up,We need to kick the repug's out don't listen to bull that they are telling you !! Rather look at what they're doing to our state !! they say one thing but they're are actually tearing all of us down !! Unless you are a millionair or a billionair we can't afford to have them running our government !!!! They Don't care about us working class !! The actions of these people, show exsactly who they're for!!!! they're taking away everything most of us worked so hard for. We the People must stand againt them in unity!! WE need to let our children be educated, we need to have affordable health care, we need to have jobs , not minimum wage jobs but family sustaining jobs !! Don't believe the trickle down bull they've been trying to feed us ,It Does'nt work,we've been fed this Lie for too many years !! Everything they have done has done absolutley nothing for us !!! ACTION"S Speak , Louder than Word's . They are working to distroy our democracy, they want to take over our lives !! They say they want smaller government,truth be told I have seen more government since they took office than i've seen in my life!! How long are we going to stand for this Dictorial Regime !!! Women I beleive you realize that They are trying to make us second class citizen's !! Women are not allowed to decide how to take care of thier own health, they can't have equal pay. it's rediculous to me that we can't have,health insurance. while they are covered completey with insurance and retiremnt on our dime !! while we don't deserve it. Enough's Enough !! These are intitlements for us, give me a break !! I'm tired of thier outright Bull !!! I hope you are too!!

  6. Poor, paranoid, "workers of the world unite" has beens. The asphalt plant isn't going to be approved if its reclamation plan isn't approved or it proves to be a nuisance to the nearby neighborhood. That's why we have the right to approve or disapprove conditional use permits. And the rant from "Anonymous" is absolutely frightening. You people reproduce?

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