Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scott Walker won’t admit; he caused the Recall, Citizen Unrest and put family in center of controversy.

Is there something wrong with him? Scott Walker is now trying to portray his family as victims of the "liberal, thuggish, union boss" left.

Scott Walker better look into a mirror and admit this is all his doing. Did Gov. Jim Doyle’s family go through this? Gov. Scott McCallum, Gov. Tommy Thompson? This is unique to Walker, because it’s all his fault.

There are checks and balances built into our society that kick in when a citizen politician outright angers the public. If a politician has an agenda that is out of the norm, radical or incendiary, the public response will inevitably “check” and hopefully “balance” that official. That didn’t happen.

For Scott Walker, he’s finding out that he and his family will not find happiness in Wisconsin as long as he continues with his uncompromising ideological war on liberals, unions and Democrats. Did Walker really expect that his family would be left alone, while his policies pits family member against family member throughout the state?  

And by the way, one of Scott Walker’s kids uses Facebook to promote and advocate for their dad. Is it any surprise then that he would receive negative push back?

Boo hoo Scott Walker, grow up and make life easier by taking responsibility for your families current problems.
RawStory: In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Gov. Scott Walker says that his family has been “targeted” on Facebook and “yelled at” during trips to the grocery story over his efforts to strip public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights. “I’ve had my kids targeted on Facebook; we’ve had all those sorts of things,” he added. “I have thousands of people bussed in to my home in Wauwatosa where I’ve got two high school sons living, and I’ve got parents in their 70s. Last year, my 16 year old and my mother in her 70s were at a grocery store and got yelled at.”
Then stop doing what you’re doing. OMG!


Gareth said...

Hey Scotty, cry me a river. I've had people swear at me and give me the finger because I have a Recall sign on my lawn and one in the window that says you're a sociopath.

If you were a decent man you could put an end to all this rancor by resigning before you are voted out or indicted. Harry Truman said it best, "If you can't stand the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen."

Besides I think you're probably exagerating. Didn't your campaign manager tell you that playing for pity makes you look weak?

Anonymous said...

Did Walker try to stop the verify the recall process which has resulted in sinful Joe McCarthy like retributions.? NO! Instead, he took the low ground and let the bullying take place. Did he care about the citizens who signed the recall? No! In fact he insulted them saying it's easier to sign a petition than to vote. Really Walker? Why is that? How Christian like is it to make an elderly woman jump through multiple hoops to vote or deny a homeless man the right to vote because he can't afford a birth certificate?
Ya know what Walker, you Sir have denied healthcare to the poor in our state. How does that feel?