Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dizzy Mixed up World of Government, by Walker Republicans. Part 2: Health Insurance!

Since government has created uncertainty in the business community, the Walker Republicans are here to save the day… or maybe not.

In another case of projection and rank hypocrisy, the Republican legislature has decided to throw the insurance industry into paralyzing uncertainty, by delaying reform. As one of their biggest donors and lobbyists, big insurance is mad. 

Not only that, Wisconsinites will unfortunately be "protected" from comparison pricing and market competition, two big Republican must haves for saving health care in America (they say).    
jsonline: A recent decision by Gov. Scott Walker could give the federal government greater influence over the state's health insurance market - and that worries some in the industry … the state would halt work on the online marketplaces, or exchanges, required under federal health care reform … The exchanges could help consumers and small businesses compare competing health plans. They also could increase price competition by requiring health insurers to offer more standardized plans and by providing consumers with better information about what they are buying.

Insurers are outraged, and Republican stalling will result in rushed reform. Another words, bad government again:
There's a risk in halting the work on the exchanges … If the law is upheld, the state would have only about six months to put together a plan. It also is a concern for health insurance companies.

One worry is that health insurers would face stricter regulations from the federal government than from the state Office of Free Market Health Care. The Office of Free Market Health Care has said it backs a "free-market, consumer-driven approach" for the state's exchange. Consumer advocates have already criticized the working groups set up to advise the state, saying they are dominated by representatives of insurance companies and brokers.
Is government bad? Yes, in the hands of the Republicans. You can’t be good at something you hate doing. 

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